Summer 2018 Newsletter

Special Announcement
We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine the last few weeks!

From the 12th March it is our pleasure to announce that TENDRING CARE HOME is now under new ownership.

The previous owners of Tendring, Mr & Mrs Grimes' daughter Carol Lacey who has been the Manager throughout, has now purchased the business. This brings opportunity for progress and funds to implement improvement plans which would greater benefit our residents.
Our Deputy Manager Sheila Boswell has attended an Advanced Specialist Course in Dementia by Dr Gemma Jones.

Dr Gemma Jones is a highly respected consultant and leading authority that specialises in the education of dementia care giving and design of specialist dementia care facilities. Dr Jones brings over 17 years’ experience in cell biology, gerontology and nursing. She is a founding member of the first Alzheimer Cafe in the UK and currently focuses her time on the ethical issues related to dementia. She partakes as a guest lecturer at The Hague University and has taught extensively in the UK and North America. Dr Jones has published over 40 articles and has co-edited four care giving books.

Since being trained by Dr Jones, the managers and staff have been able to impart their knowledge on the rest of the staff team. This has ensured that the high care standards have been further enhanced to the benefit of each and EVERY resident.


Lesson 1 - The Bookcase Effect

  • Our memories are like books in a bookcase.
  • Imagine the top shelf are your most recent, the further you go back the further down you go to the last shelf of earliest memories.
  • Dementia starts gradually. The bookcase wobbles and some more recent memories can ‘fall’ from the top shelf. As the Dementia progresses the bookcase wobbles more until it collapses. At this point memories are present but are more difficult to ‘find’ in the jumble.
  • Last stages of Dementia, memories can be found but in random orders, and can sometimes be muddled up into stories that are not recognised by those close to the resident.
The Bookcase Effect

As this is very specialist training and a complex study subject this has been broken into modules.

Staff and residents families are welcome to join in these training sessions.

You can keep updated with these dates by checking our website and Facebook page. You are also welcome to have a chat with our Deputy Manager Sheila for further information.

Meanwhile we will do a summary of each lesson in the Newsletter’s.

other news

Some of you will recognize Ann Roberts who is back at Tendring as Head of Care.
Ann is a valuable to the team here and residents are happy to have her back with us!


Every First Monday of the Month we will be holding a Residents Meeting from.

The objective is to have an open and honest discussion regarding the requirements desires and concerns of the Residents.

Residents will be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings on matters of interest. After all this is their home.


We will be holding a community hub for carers, resident’s family and friends. This is an open session and will welcome members of the community, neighbours, elderly, and parishioners. Anyone who would like to attend a group that provides light entertainment with dementia individuals in mind.

Information and leaflets will be available for support, any further queries or help getting online etc. will be available here.

We will notify you of the dates this Dementia Support Group will be held as soon as possible.

Little things you may want to know :)

  • We appreciate friends and family visits. Children are welcome. The conservatory is a large comfortable area where residents have the pleasure of welcoming family and are offered refreshment here.
  • Please take your time to ask any questions you may have or join us on daily activities.
  • Kindly, please fill in Care Home Review Card so we can improve our services and praise where due.
  • Thank you for your contributions and support to our care home here.


  • 9th June
    Trooping of the Colours Entertainment with David Pepper 13:30
  • July
    Our pleasure to invite back Man Of Music at Residents Request
    (Waiting Dates to be confirmed by Entertainer)
  • 1st August
    Sailors Ahoy! Live Entertainment by David Pepper at 13:30
  • 16th August
    Summer Proms Live Entertainment with Alice Mayhead at 13:30
  • 24th September
    Give My Regards to Broadway Show Live Entertainment by Simon Goss Productions at 11a.m
  • 31st October
    Halloween Party Celebrations with David Pepper at 13:30
  • 11th November
    Remembrance Day Live Entertainment with Marlene at 13:30
  • 11th December
    XMAS Residents & Family Lunch Singalong with David Pepper 13:30
  • 31st December
    New Years Eve Live Entertainment Simon Goss Productions at 11 AM

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